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My sense of curiosity about the world around me has existed since my early beginnings. Around age 4 I fell in love with fairy tales. I was studying the planets in the solar system in 4th grade. I have been interested in reading about mythology as early as 6th grade. I began a serious study of planetary influences in the later 60s and also discovered my spiritual path in 1970. My world-view incorporates Eastern wisdom and Jungian perspective on life purpose and challenges--a fluid perspective as I continue experiencing and learning.


By the mid-80s I attained a bachelors degree in psychology and, later, a masters degree in counseling. I enjoy my independent practice working with individual adults, adolescents, families and couples. I am particularly drawn to Womens Issues--developing both inner and outer gifts and strengths--honoring the feminine.


I arrived late, however, to the awareness of and the need for the feminine perspective on our planet. This web sites inception began with my research and writing on the History of Women. The study and research of the ancient goddesses grew out of this exploration as a seeming tangent. Creating the material for this website has afforded me increased understanding of the value and importance of goddess archetypes as a psychological tool for women, today. These goddess archetypes provide a template for powerful role models empowering modern women. Ive spent nine months in a Labor of Love creating this site for women and the partners who love them. I owe immense and heart-felt gratitude to my Web Designer Goddess, Laurel, without her generous heart, kind soul and awesome creative and artistic talent this web site would not exist.


The more I researched on the History of Women and explored the history of the ancient goddess, the more it became clear that, not only has the feminine relevance been marginalized over the millennium; we are at a juncture in time when feminine influence is crucial in the healing of our planet--environmentally, politically, economically, and domestically. We are currently witnessing the alternative with patriarchal dominance. These times call for women lifting up women--educating, empowering, supporting, encouraging the relevance of women in their own right--no longer merely in support roles--rather, sharing an equal hand in directing the future of our beautiful planet. Im pleased to share this goddess archetype information with you. Thank you for visiting and taking the time to explore--share it with your friends. Share your feedback with me. Wishing you peace and fulfillment on your journey. I have a new blog, come visit: Generic viagra canada online pharmacy


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